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Hi everyone!!!

I am in a bit of a financial pickle at the moment (not as big as few days ago thanks to some help).
I have some spare doujinshi, most of which is size-themed and figured I may as well sell them.

Listed below are 12 doujinshi along with a brief summary, their cover and a few preview pics.
Along with their prices and if I have multiple copies of any (if not mentioned then I only have 1 copy).

If a doujinshi has 18+ content I will have it noted.

I ship worldwide and there will be no additional shipping cost.
It will also come with tracking to ensure they reach you safely.

If you guys have any interest in picking up any of the doujinshi or any questions feel free to send me a note.

I would greatly appreciate it!!

Big Days

Stock: 5 copies

A1 by chachazero90

By Artists Ochiko and Hachimitsu.
All 4-koma.
Ochiko's portion has various giant Girlfriend stories while Hachimistu is about a mini-GTS Fox-Girl who shrinks herself to human size for a romantic date xD!

Bug Art Online II


4 by chachazero90

A Sword Art Online doujinshi by Kazan no you.
Yui hacks a super computer Pentagon and the girls become super huge when they enter the game to go swimming because of it.

18+ content.

Little Sister Grand Everyday
Stock: 3 copies

Fuyu1 by chachazero90

A doujin by Fuyunopon.
Younger Sister orders a suspicious love potion online and has her brother drink it.
Not the result she expected.

18+ loli

Eating Ghost


Ochiko by chachazero90

A doujinshi by Ochiko.
Based off an anime that aired I think 1 or 2 seasons ago.
Through witchcraft a girl creates tiny homunculi using Sweets ingredients.

Innocent vore all the way xD!

Monster Hunter Cross


1 by chachazero90

By Kurocase
Specializes in the "Plump Girl" fetish.
This is his very first doujinshi

Based off the game series.
A girl takes on a quest partying with 3 girls whose priorities are elsewhere.
What could go wrong xD?!

Comes with a postcard exclusive to picking up the doujin directly at the event.

Touhou Project + Size Fetish Fan Book 4

Stock: 3 copies

Calm1 by chachazero90

A Touhou doujin by various artists.
GTS casually destroying cities, what more can I say xD?!

My little Tyrant

Stock: 3 copies

1 by chachazero90

Comprised of 3 stories by various artists.
The majority focusing on the 2 cover characters in the past.

One was short and timid and was saved by another taller girl from bullies.
In the present, the timid one is now taller than the short one and acts as her aide.



1 by chachazero90

By Rakia.

A Kancolle doujinshi featuring various illustrations of the character Kashima as a giantess.

9) Keychain


1 by chachazero90

A keychain featuring an OC carrying a bus.
Was sold at Ashurame Gajoh's table at a comiket last Summer.


Stock: 2 copies

1 by chachazero90

A Granblue Fantasy doujinshi.

One of the guys has age-regressed, leaving Narumeia to look after him till he get back to normal.

Narumeia is of the Doraf race.
Females of this race have horns, a little shorter than the average human they all have very impressive busts.

As such her being so much taller is a bit of a height reversal.

18+, Straight Shouta



Be1 by chachazero90

If your reflection hits this spoon then you will be going up several (ALOT) of cup sizes and you can bet there will be plenty of people getting their reflection hit xD!
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